About Ad Caffeine

Ad Caffeine is an advertising concept that specifically caters to small and medium local businesses.

We’ve mastered the art of highly targeted online campaigns and our pledge to you is that we will MAKE IT WORK! We’ll start by identifying a message that truly emphasizes your business’ WHY Factor to connect with your target market. We’ll then monitor your campaign every day to ensure that we’re enhancing your presence where it’s working best We’ll then increase the amount of exposure you get where it’s most effective!

We have direct access to available ad space on every one of the world’s most prominent websites like CNN, People, Sports Illustrated – you name it!

What sets us apart from almost every other agency concept in the world is that we’re focused on local businesses rather than national businesses – we make it possible for companies like yours to get the same type of exposure and campaigns that corporations like McDonalds and Chevrolet get - but in a way that local businesses can afford!

We’re a full service agency so whether you’re simply in need of a new web site, creative or a full campaign we’ve got you covered.

Ad Caffeine is a division of Mad Ads Interactive

Mad Ads Interactive is a Canadian owned and operated media consulting firm with over 20 years of experience. We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the largest media providers across North America and have helped them build highly successful campaigns for tens of thousands of their advertisers, generating millions of dollars in sales for local businesses. Now, we are bringing these highly successful solutions directly to you!

We are truly the leaders in driving business results for local companies and helping them become top of mind in their market place.

An Exceptional Advertising Concept

Creating outstanding digital advertising campaigns for you at the touch of a button!

With the power of Programmatic Advertising, you can now hyper-target the exact categories of people you are looking to appeal to… WHEREVER they go and WHENEVER they go there!

With pinpoint accuracy, we can target the exact client showing interest in your products and services at a fraction of what you would spend with traditional media.

Whether your customers are searching the web on the bus, at a coffee shop, at work or home, at the beach or at the park, Ad Caffeine programmatic display advertising will make sure your message is seen whenever your clients are online.

It is now possible for your business to create awareness, engage with potential customers and clients and convert them into sales on some of the world’s most popular websites with laser-like targeting…and our team at Ad Caffeine is here to do it for you!

Let Ad Caffeine make a difference….and get you the results you deserve!!!